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Link to the laminate flooring
Garden fence replacement
Removal of old fences from the garden and disposal of the material. Installation of two new fences.
Link to the laminate flooring
Living room floor sand and varnish
Sand the floor and then re-coat with three coats of varnish
Link to the laminate flooring
New laminate flooring
Removal of existing damaged wood effect laminate flooring. Underlying floorboards were then repaired or replaced as necessary. A new plywood sub floor was then installed. New underlay and modern grey laminate was then installed with thresholds into adjoining rooms.
Link to the kitchen refurbishment
Kitchen refurbishment
Replacement of kitchen worktops and tiling of the entire wall area behind the hob and the sink.Tiling was done using brick shaped tiles. The gas hob and sink were re-fitted. The remaining walls without tiling were painted.
Link to the summerhouse project.
Summer house construction

Conversion of previously under-used area. Required clearance of bamboo, excavation of ground and pouring of concrete base. Summer house build (3.6m by 2.4 m), installation of power and lighting, WiFi and music system, installation of composite decking.

Link to the garden re-modelling project.
Garden re-modelling

Major re organisation of entire garden. Included construction of storage, planters and seating area. Atmospheric lighting and artificial grass installed to ensure usable in all weather as well as evenings.

Link to the dance floor refurbishment project.
Dance floor refurbishment

Sand and re-varnish of a dance floor in a bowling club. Finished with 3 coats of high quality, ultra-hard satin floor varnish.

Link to the bathroom refurbishment project.
Bathroom refurbishment
Complete overhaul of a bathroom. Removal of bath followed by installation of walk-in shower, new wash-hand basin, lighting, ventilation, flooring and final decoration.
Link to the laundry room project.
Creation of Laundry facility
Originally a totally unfinished area that had previously been a stair. Old timbers removed and area lined with drywall and then skim plastered. Installation of lighting, ventilation and storage. Also used to house home cinema electronics which are wired into the living room elsewhere in the house.
Link to the shed construction project.
Shed construction
Ground preparation and construction of "flat pack" garden shed.